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Wild Love

Welcome to celebrate being you through all your senses 

summer 2024

This will be the fifth year that the Wild Love festival is taking place in Iceland.


You are welcome to join us in a 4 days of celebration of your natural sensuality, the beauty of connecting to your own primal being and the depth of the ecstasy that is life force.


The festival will begins Thursday evening with an opening ceremony where we will all get attuned to this collective as well as personal journey.

All facilitators & participants attending the festival are asked to be present at both the opening and the closing ceremony.


We will all be journeying together in a lovingly created container whilst having a variety of simultaneous workshops to choose from, at regular interval during each day.


We will end with the closing ceremony on Sunday afternoon.


International Attendies




Facilitators 2024


Questions & Answers

1) What is Wild Love?
Wild Love is a movement freely unfolding as an upgrade of our consciousness. 
Please see the description and video.

2) What is Wild Love Festival Iceland?
A festival is a some days spent in the same site as a many other amazing beings. Offered are a wide selection of workshops. Every hour you chose what workshop you like to join. Closer to the festival an hour by hour schedule will be available. Music and food will be provided. It is a time of celebration.

3) History of Wild Love Iceland.
2020 we held the first Wild Love Celebration in Iceland inspired by Bruce Lyon and his view on the new world being born. Around the world are several Wild Love Festivals birthed from the Wild Love movement. All independent and created within their own culture.
2021 the name was change to Wild Love Festival Iceland and grow in participation.
22 - we evolved into the inclusion of so many branches of consciousness in the way we see it here in Iceland, so we are back to call the festival Wild Love Festival. The selection of workshops will include all from Yoga and Breath Work to Sacred Tantric Rituals and Sensuality. Each hour there will be offerings for all levels of participation.
2023 - we keep the name Wild Love Festival Iceland - Welcome!

4) What is aim and vision of Wild Love Festival - Iceland?
In our time of evolution, feeling all the change and inner development in each individual and for us as a whole community - we offer a safe container with a wide selection of workshops to learn and explore at once own pace.

6) What is tantra?

Some workshops will be inspired by tantra. Tantra opens up for deep expansion, presence, mystery and life as a fully functional human being. It gives us the opportunity to rediscover our orgasmic body, our life force also called kundalini energy. It gives us the possibility to be more sensitive for subtle inner and outer motions. It is an affirmation of the act of love, beyond conditioning, patterns, agendas. Tantra is a mediation together with ourselves and with life. 

6) I am nervous, should I come? I do not know if I am ready for this. 

You are completely sovereign. Which means you and no one else invite yourself to each exercise. So please rest into what you would like to experience. There is nothing your need to do or no one will tell you to do. Each workshop offers you to feel into to what level you participate. You are always honouring yourself only.

7) Do I have to be naked? 

There are a few workshop events at the festival that offers optional clothing. This means that in these events, if you chose to attend those, you chose your own level of clothing. You are always at choice.

8) What about Covid?
In Iceland there are no restrictions with regards to Covid any more. 
Information is to be found at

9) When will we see an exact schedule over the festival?
Please see all the workshop descriptions here on the website. The final schedule with what workshops happeneds when during the days, will be published a month in advance.

10) Can I come and go - participate in one workshop and then leave?
This is a whole festival container. So participating - means you agree to participate actively at your own pace of course, during the whole time. Which means taking part of Opening Ceremony and Closing Ceremony and live on the site. What workshops you chose to participate in is your chose at all time. Participants and facilitators live on site during the festival.

11) Will there be drugs?
This is a drug free event. No drugs are allowed and you will be adviced to leave if this rule obiged.

12) What if I do not like I workshop that already started, can I leave?
You are always at your own chose. We suggest choosing and participating to the end in what you start. But if there by any reason is clear for you - that you are in the wrong place. Please honour your souvreinity at all times. Yes, you can always move around.

13) Do I have to come with a partner?
All workshops are created for individuals to have their experience. You are welcome to come as you are or with a partner, as you like. Most workshops will be aimed at the individual. And couples can always chose to work together or separate. You are always at chose.

14) I don´t know anyone, can I still come?
Please do - you will very soon get to know others. You will also participate in a small daily sharing group where you will get even more close to a few people.

15) What are boundaries?
Introduced already in the Opening Ceremony is the word and concept of boundaries. 

Since we will journey in the realm of consciousness - we want to practise to be aware of what am I willing to experience and not. So already before coming, please check in with yourself. Is eye-gazing ok for you? With males? With females? Are touch on your arm ok for you, by males? by females? Yeah be very specific. Yes and nos. For you. The one setting and taking care of your boundaries - are you. So a great preparation is to feel into - where are my own boundaries. Really feel where you are safe and where you feel good. These are you boundaries. In all workshops you will have the possibility to participate - according to your own boundaries.

16) What is a private session?
During the festival, some facilitators will offer private sessions of a wide range of methodologies.
Registered individuals will get access to sessions offered. If after looking at the offerings, you would like to receive a private session, please contact the session giver directly to book a session.
This is optional and can add to your experience of the festival.

17) How should I prepare?
Best preparation is putting other things aside. Come with yourself. And enjoy the moment.
Nothing to do. But to be.

18) What about photography?

No general photography is allowed. A designated professional photographer in collaboration with the festival will at points of times request consent to photograph given workshops.

Wild Love Festival
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