About tickets

Wild Love Hardship ticket: If you are having a hard time to pay the full price, we offer you a discount. 

Wild Love Sponsorship Ticket : If you would like to support the Wild Love Movement and are able to do so. 

Wild Love Double Sponsorship Ticket:
If you would love to support the Wild Love Movement and those who don´t have the possibility to pay the full price. You offer a beautiful support by buying a Double Sponsorship Ticket.

Children and youngsters:
We encourage our young people to join us at Wild Love so we offer discounts according to ages. There will be plenty of workshops for children and youngster. Children under 7 years old have a free ticket.

18th to 21st June 2020
Welcome to participate with us!

Wild Love Regular Ticket : 24,900 ISK
Wild Love Sponsorship Ticket : 49,800 ISK
Wild Love Double Sponsorship Ticket: 78,600 ISK
Wild Love Hardship Discount Ticket: 14,900 ISK
Youngsters, 13-18 years: 14,900 ISK
Children, 9-12 years: 7,45O ISK
Children, upto 7 : 0 ISK



You will be able to purchase delicious vegetarian meals on site.

You are welcome to stay on site or come and go as you like, since we are 20 minutes from Reykjavik.
On site we offer camping sites and we have tent to hire, please contact Sólsetrið, 868 0707.

Welcome with your tent or book you stay at Sólsetrið, Iceland

Children are welcome !
We offer several workshops for children.