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Wild Love 2024 August 8th - 11th

Wild Love Festival Iceland
Facilitators 2024

Alexander S

Alexander Siebenstern, Germany - short video with Alexander
Alex is the founder and co-creator of Aguahara and an aquatic dancer, who regards Aguahara as a highly intense and profound experience interweaving which body-mind-spirit. He strongly believes in the unknown aspects of water and in this element playing an essential role in our lives since we are mainly made of water. Alex's research holds a strong intention of applying aquatic approaches and inspirations to life. His path in life and in exploring energetics and embodiment continually leads him to delve deeper into aquatic consciousness.

Aquatic Experience
A journey into our aquatic being, a connection to a different state of awareness, a dissolving into a wholeness. When we leave earth behind we enter into a complete new universe, where we can explore everything, ourselves, our relations and connections from a new perspective.

Private Session - Aquatic
Welcome to book sessions privately Aquatic Experience with Alexander before, during or after the festival. Book directly with Alexander.

My sessions are an invitation on a journey into our liquid essence, to open a space for a moment of aquatic consciousness. Simply by going into No- Gravity our being enters into a different awareness of itself, which allows to dive into deeper layers of our presence. The unconditional hold and support in the warm water invites to just relax, let go and float into bliss.

Alexander T

Alexander Trigoub, Israel - short interview with Alexander
Alexander has been facilitating in and around the tantra and sacred sexuality field in Israel for over 10 years. A graduate of several group facilitation courses and ISTA trainings, he’s been crafting unique workshops based on his own life journey and experience. In the last several years he’s been exploring the mysteries and wonders of Dark Love. He deeply believes that each human being is a unique gift to this world. First visited Iceland last January and fell in love with this land, feeling a true connection to her power and beauty, and the legacy of her Viking ancestors.

Sacred Union of The Light & Dark Puja
You don’t have to choose! Both LIGHT and DARK energies exist within all of us. Light is Air and Water - it flows, lifts us up and connects us through the Heart. Dark is Earth and Fire - descending into the lair of our inner Dragon, it awakens our animal senses and instincts... it is the unknown - the “forbidden fruit”. We need both for all of our parts and elements to feel seen, loved and touched. This Puja is a chance to explore both Light and Dark energies of love, intimacy, touch and connection - and how we can enjoy and integrate both.

Private Sessions

Dark Love Session

Primal/Animal Play, Spanking/Impact and Erotic Fighting - open your senses, explore new ways to connect through pain and pleasure, or allow anger/rage and other dense energies to be expressed fully and be met with loving presence.

Tantric Worship Session

You will be worshiped, revered and admired wholly as the Goddess you are - through eye-gazing, words and poetry, sound and sacred touch.

Shamanic Erotic Mystery Session

An invitation to be guided into the unknown by the Great Spirit - while breath, sound, movement, touch, intimacy and eros serve as our tools for prayer, transformation and healing.

Welcome to book sessions, before, during or after the festival - direct with Alexander.


Astrid Hübner, Switzerland - Short interveiw
— Transform your life into a cosmic orgasm.

ÁSTRIÐÚR is my Icelandic name for Astrid, which I received from an Icelandic sister in 2022. In 2023, I moved to the land of Fire & Ice to meet the source of the elemental creational lifeforce.

I aim to shift paradigms, unlearn conditioning, and guide you into a unique space leading to your authentic power. Integrate what you think (IQ) with what you feel (EQ) and understand the language of your body (SQ). 

For me, the idea is that everything in the universe is made up of energy, and by tapping into this energy, you can transform your life in incredible ways.

Through Energy Activation, you can learn to harness the power of the universe and use it to manifest your desires. By focusing your intention and directing your energy toward your goals, you can create the life you want and achieve success. I lead workshops and co-create temples and retreats around energy healing and kundalini activation.

Energetic Orgasm together with Matilda Gregersdotter
Orgasmic current runs through our bodies at all times.
We welcome you to a particular time with our life force in focus.

How do we live a more dynamic, satisfying, orgasmic life and connect better with our bodies profoundly and meaningfully?
Having access to our energy increases our quality of life.
How can we use it and expand it?
What allows us to feel pleasure?
What does it do to us?
We are in this life to learn, grow, and expand our abilities for an orgasmic living.

Welcome to witness and learn demostrations.
We do short practise with different partners.

Live Tantric Dearmouring Session
It is a LIVE Session to show the beauty and power of this work: It's a short explanation, followed by just witnessing the process unfolding in front of you.

A tantric dearmouring is received naked. During tantric de-armoring, we can work externally and internally. External de-armoring works with the outside of your body by putting pressure on various body points, like the yaw, the neck, the shoulders, the chest and belly, the legs, etc. Internal de-armoring is extremely powerful on a physical and energetic level. Physically, you will experience more connection to, and relaxation in, your body. On a sexual level, internal de-armoring removes vast amounts of painful tension or energy that are stored there after unwanted or forced intimacy.
Instead of just touching the pain, I use charm to increase the life-force energy in your body. Once this energy is increased, the release of pain body energy is carried by life-force energy. During this process, I often notice an expanded awareness of my clients because of the deep relaxation this creates. I gradually and carefully lift the life-force energy as far as you and your body want. When pain and pleasure are increased simultaneously, a more profound process unfolds.

You are precisely welcome as you are.
Comfy clothes, a bottle of water, nudity & sexual-energy friendly space.

Private Sessions: 

Astrid offfers private sessions before, during or after the festival. Welcome to book directly with the her,

Sacred Touch Ritual

Sacred Touch is a 2H respectful, healing, tantric oil-massage ritual in which the entire body is honoured, touched and massaged harmoniously and naturally (including the genitals when met in consent). The body rejuvenates, softens, and stagnant emotions can be released. It can be arousing, but it is not a sexual service.

Sexual Healing / Dearmouring

Sexual Healing / Dearmouring allows us to soften our inner energetic armor and release ourselves from unresolved pain and past emotions stuck in our energetic pain body. Our life energy is released, and our full potential unfolds, guided by our essence and inner authority.

A co-creational holistic experience, a mix of sensory bodywork, energy work on an emotional, mental, and spiritual level, trauma, and healing in the sexual area, supported by touch, energy, sound, breath, language.


Let entirely go and enjoy the art of surrendering to the potential of Power dynamics & the Quality of being taken.

Shibari, as Artform, can have many faces and transmit different energies. It is not so much about the Art of Tying. His transformative potential reveals where other fuels and power dynamics meet, are allowed, and plaid out in consent. From receiving or letting go via sensual, primal play, kink to inviting the power dynamics of domination, or submission or being taken to deeply surrendering - all led from the space of carrying love and heart.


Bruce Lyon, New Zeeland - Short interveiw

The founder of Wild Love Movement

Bruce loves to explore the places where the personal, planetary and cosmic journey meet, and to guide others on their initiatory journey into the life force that lies behind both the esoteric and erotic dimensions of love.
He is the founder of Highden Temple and Shamballa School.
At the moment his energies are going into


Bruce is joining digitaly in Iceland during our opening ceremony. His voice and his vision of what Wild Love is - we get through listening together and setting the festival open.


Danielle D´Arcy, Ireland
Danielle facilitates conscious, embodied, sex positive spaces where your natural erotic
energy can be reclaimed and expressed freely.

Private Sessions

Welcome to book sessions, before, during or after the festival - direct with Alexander.


Franziska Di Luca, Switzerland

Personal development has been her great passion for many years. She embraces life in all its richness. Supporting people uncover their inner strength and vitality brings her immense satisfaction. She senses a strong urge to impart the wisdom she has gathered over time, hoping that other women too can find empowerment and embrace their bodies with joy.

Her journey experienced notable growth through her deep dive into tantra, spirituality and yoga. She resonates with the humanistic psychology's perspective on human nature.

Raising your Shakti Energy

Join us for an empowering workshop designed to elevate your Shakti energy and foster sisterhood bonds. Discover the depths of your inner vitality as we embark on a journey together. Through various practices and exercises, you'll awaken the potent force of Shakti within you, igniting a profound sense of empowerment and connection. This workshop offers a unique opportunity to experience the power of sisterhood, as we come together to support, uplift, and celebrate each other's growth. Don't miss this transformative experience to raise your Shakti energy and strengthen the bonds of sisterhood.

Franziska & Gregor

Franziska Di Luca & Gregor Schlitt, Switzerland

Franziska and Gregor have been involved with tantric and shamanic philosophy for years. They participated together in numerous workshops and trainings around the world. They have been offering seminars themselves for the last five years. One of their specialties is bodywork in body-temperatured water.
It is their pleasure to create spaces where participants can have important experiences for their path. The goal for the participants is to improve their quality of life.

Flights to Ecstasy

This workshop has the potential to awaken your dormant kundalini snake which is coiled up at the base of your spine. Once this energy is set free, we are going to distribute it within the whole body and make use of it to experience the "Flights of Ecstasy". We also specifically open the heart chakra, before sending the participants to their flights.
The exercise is done with partners round and back. It is one of our favourite practices and we've held it several times with lots of happy participants.


Gregor Schlitt, Switzerland

When I set out on "the path" many years ago, I soon realized that this also included an intensive examination of my role as a man. Numerous men's seminars in Switzerland and Germany allowed me to take important steps in my development and made me the man I am today: well-positioned in my vocation as a men's coach, in a relationship with a wonderful woman and a happy family man.
Working with men is especially important to me. For years I have led men's groups and organized evenings and weekend seminars. Seeing how men can grow beyond themselves and show their potential is my motivation.
Tactical energy work, shamanism and archetypes are my specialties.
I am already looking forward to bringing you as a man to the next level.


Feel the Masculine Energy Raising

The workshop will offer a journey through different levels of masculine energy.
- Very short talk / inp
- Heart opening
- Making energetic contact to each other
- Building up trust among the group of men
- Raising the energy
- Group energy dynamics
- Sharing the experience

Jacob & Tinn
Tinna & Jacob

Jacob & Tinna, Iceland

Jacob & Tinna have been teaching workshops together since they met in the romantic city of Montreal. Ever since then they have taken their passion for movement, communication and trust building to facilitate various events globally. With a background of yoga, movement, dance, handstands, massage & energy work they have a vision to build trust between strangers, confidence in people's abilities and intimacy through communication.
Through their methods of teaching they strive to bring adults back to their roots of childlike curiosity and play as a way of learning and exploring their physical body and their relationship with others. In their workshops you are sure to laugh, be challenged and learn something new.


Acro Yoga Fun

We will practice fun partner counterbalances, warmups, games and L-basing. We will cover verbal and non-verbal communication skills to work through a dynamic set of movements together. This is a beginner to intermediate class. No partner necessary, come as you are!

Acro Yoga is a mix of yoga and acrobatics where two or more people work together doing different exercises, shapes or stretches. Sometimes it is like a dance or a flow or can be more relaxing like stretches or massage. Great way to strenghten the body and soul and enhance our ability to communicate and listen to ourselves and others.

Wild Love Festival Iceland

Joy Mittens & Shiva Śūnya, United Kingdom

I Push Buttons in those who are Ready for Transformation - With Love

I am a shamanic priestess leading people gently on deep, heart-centred journeys with the medicine of their own bodies, emotions, and sexual energy to discover their unique essence and expression of the divine. I have trained extensively over the last 6 years with the mystery schools of ISTA and Highden, as well as Bodywork Training with Budhi Dana and The Field Facilitator training with Rachel Rickards, amongst other things in a life of travelling and exploring the depths of human consciousness.

Shiva is a shamanic facilitator, he has a background working with plant medicines and has trained with Joy and with the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA) He is passionate about working with life force energy and holding space for transformation.

Boundaries 101 - Women

The basic skills required to keep you safe in the world of intimacy, yet completely overlooked in any useful way in our education system. Feeling where your authentic embodied boundaries are, and how to stand up for them. Boundaries are how we carve out a space in the world for our souls to flower.

Primal Innocence

Shed your shame and journey with your shadows. Connect to your Primal instincts of the hunter and the hunted. Discover the divine ecstatic innocence at the heart of your primal nature.

Katarina & Karol

Katarina & Karól, Austria & Iceland

Katarina (they/them) is a witch and a bodywork therapist, healer, sexological bodyworker in education and yogateacher and the founder of Reykjavik Ropes and Spektrum Reykjavik and their partner Karól (she/her) a long time rope practitioner and student of psychology and Tantra yoga.

They are both switches, which means they both love to tie and be tied.

They love to give forward to others who want to expand their spectrum of how we can experience human interaction on an emotional/energetical and physical level.

They have a deep interest in tying/Japanese rope bondage and it´s emotional aspects like the energy and power exchange that comes with it.

“I believe that tying can be experienced on many different levels and in many different ways and involves understanding and feeling yourself and your partner to get a deeper bond. I and my partner are looking forward to giving you a glimpse into this world that lies there for you to discover it´s depths.”

Rope for connection and intimacy
A short workshop to learn safe, fun and easily doable tying for deeper connection and intimacy with your partner!

Learn to tie your partner in a slow and deep meditative way to foster connection and intimacy, focusing on the sensations, sounds, smells and all other senses to learn to listen, observe and really be in the moment with your tying partner.

What we will show and explore:

- Safety aspects
- Rope handling and techniques
without losing connection and attention to your partner
- Single column tie
- Counter tensions
- Different ways of tying
- Tips and tricks to enhance the physical experience of rope
- The importance of (non verbal)communication in ropes and how to practice it
- How to be present as a Top and as a Bottom

You can come as an absolute beginner but it is recommended to have done a 101 workshop or know some basics, best to have some tying experience or at least have knowledge about rope bondage safety: negotiation, consent, nerve damage and other physical risks of tying the body as we will only very briefly go over those topics.

Looking forward to explore this deep practice together!

Private Sessions

Welcome to book private sessions - directly with Katarina.

Private Rope Lessons
Individual lessons 1 on 1 or together with a tying partner.


Tying with rope can be done and experienced on many different levels and depths

and will always depend on your own preferences and intentions in that moment

as well as the partner you are tying with.


How deep you are willing to go into this form of communication and learn more about it.


We can focus on technical things/ties as well as the depth of touch and non-verbal communication with ropes, power exchange, desires and resistance.

Private Rope Sessions

What do you want to experience?

It´s like a deep journey through your body, mind and soul.


In a private session we can set individual focus on YOUR experience in rope by negotiating, trying things out at your pace and simply surrendering to the experience.


Do you want to feel surrender, struggle, caring gentleness, pain, resistance ...?

Feeling your body, heart and soul and playing with your desires and darkness through feeling your body as deeply as possibly is our goal.

About me and my work:

Contact me to book:


Lilia Zaks Sokol, Israel - short interview with Lilia
Lilia is a Therapist and master instructor in the fields of Tantra, Theta healing, aromatherapy, and couples therapy. Lilia has undergone extensive and deep learning and personal spiritual transformation. She has been working for over a decade with a varied toolset from Shamanism, Theta Healing, and Tantra. Her focus on energetic sexuality inspires authentic living and connection with desire, freedom, and the higher self.

Energetic Orgasm
We’re energetic beings, and as such, we have an energetic body with its own anatomy, structure, and operations.
The energetic body connects us to the surrounding energies that emanate from other beings and the entire universe.
Being aware of energetic sexuality reveals another layer of pleasure and orgasmic bliss. It opens wide the door from the sexual into the divine.
In the workshop, we will feel into auras and chakras and understand how to move the energy through awareness, sound, and touching the energetic body.
We will investigate touchless sexual interaction through energetic penetration.

Liquid Love Temple
A collective journey to explore playfulness and the sensuality of skin-to-skin touch through the magic of oil.

The concept is simple: You will be blindfolded, warm coconut oil will be poured lovingly on your skin. The gentle oil will cover your entire body, creating a lubricating layer, providing the sensation of floating in an ocean with other pleasant oily bodies.

You will be invited to move around and be embodied, let go of your everyday active mind, and instead connect deeply to feelings and presence and relax into the energetic flow of the bodies around you. this is a place where you can love and feel loved unconditionally beyond any identity, time, or place.

Everybody is welcome to respect their own rhythms and the boundaries of touch and your own and each others’ nakedness.


Private Sessions

Lingam massage is a fascinating experience. 

A sensual, healing and relaxing process that connects body, mind, heart and soul…

A deep journey that teaches listening to the body and communication through a created space of intimacy and love. The session includes also body massage stimulating/opening of the Kundalini energy. Learning tantric breathing and body movement, and using our voice to release emotions and energies stuck in the body to increase sexual energy flowing to the heart chakra… a multi-orgasmic experience.

Contacts by WhatsApp +972546579737 

Yoni massage is a type of sensual healing massage that aims to help women feel more comfortable about themselves by exploring and developing their relationship with their body and soul. Yoni massage is one of many tantric practices.

Contacts by WhatsApp +972546579737 


I invite you to an experiential and Sensual Couple's Workshop.

Intended for couples who wish to deepen their relationship. And bring it to new spiritual heights and deep intimacy.

You will learn how to bring presence, feel your body, and see your partners from a curious, loving and non-prejudiced point of view.

With the help of simple tools you will discover the power of your masculine and feminine essence. This will give you pleasure, healing and connection that you have never known before.

You will also discover the spiritual meaning of pleasure that will open you up on a personal level  .

Contacts by WhatsApp +972546579737

Wild Love Festival Iceland
Lisa A. Rizzoli
Lisa A. Rizzoli

Lisa A. Rizzoli, US - Short interview

Lisa A. Rizzoli is a Certified Tantra Educator and Spiritual Sexual Educator. Lisa teaches internationally, she leads Puja ceremonies, facilitates workshops, leads International Tantra Adventure Tours and offers private sessions for men, women and couples who wish to further explore this modality of spiritual sexuality.

Orgasmic Fire Breath
Lisa will guide us in a practice of Orgasmic Fire Breath. This extraordinary technique activates, moves, and transmutes energy in the body. It is a powerful experience that allows us to open our channels to receive more of what we truly desire in our lives.

You will have the opportunity to go deeper with another person to take this practice to the next level by extending it with a partner. We will explore the energy as we come together in the Yab Yum position (or variation of) connect in the Tantric Kiss followed by a touch experience.

You will need a mat, pillow, blanket and the willingness to explore the power of your breath.


Discovering Bigger and Bolder Orgasms: Male Sexual Energy Mastery
This workshop is designed for men and their partners to learn intricate details of male sexual energy and how it can be used to create more pleasure in the body--- Full body orgasms and multiple orgasms for men. We will explore moving sexual energies through specific Tantric techniques that will allow you to cultivate this creative life force energy to enhance the life you choose to live.

Secrets of the Sacred Spot Massage 
In this workshop you will discover the intimate anatomy of the yoni (female genitalia) including the sacred spot, the entry into the second chakra.
There will be a live demo of this ritual. And guided ritual for those who wish to participate.

Sacred Union of Light and Dark - Puja 
You don’t have to choose! Both LIGHT and DARK energies exist within all of us. Light is Air and Water - it flows, lifts us up and connects us through the Heart. Dark is Earth and Fire - descending into the lair of our inner Dragon, it awakens our animal senses and instincts... it is the unknown - the “forbidden fruit”. We need both for all of our parts and elements to feel seen, loved and touched. This Puja is a chance to explore both Light and Dark energies of love, intimacy, touch and connection - and how we can enjoy and integrate both.

Private Sessions
Lisa offers private sessions at the festival, welcome to book directly with her:

Matilda Gregersdotter

Matilda Gregersdotter, Iceland - Short interview

Matilda is one of the creators of Wild Love Celabration - Iceland. Author of the book Daily Sex, on Amazon. She is a pioneer in transformational work in Iceland. She was born in Sweden and lives for more than 20 years in Iceland with her husband for 25 years and 4 children, dows, dogs, cat and her coaching school She is a master certified coach with the International Coach Federation and has trained most professional coaches in Iceland. She is a tantrica and gives tantric massage sessions as her divine self-development and gift. She is the organiser of ISTA Iceland. Her life is about enhancing our evolution in the most enjoyable and effective ways.


Energetic Orgasm with Astrid Hubner
Orgasmic current runs through our bodies at all times.We welcome you to a particular time with our life force in focus.How do we live a more dynamic, satisfying, orgasmic life and connect better with our bodies profoundly and meaningfully?

Having access to our energy increases our quality of life.
How can we use it and expand it? 
What allows us to feel pleasure?
What does it do to us?

We are in this life to learn, grow, and expand our abilities for an orgasmic living.
Welcome to witness and learn demostrations.We do short practise with different partners.

Coaching Sexuality
While sexuality is our core and most personal area. To talk to someone about we work and what we would love to improve is a genuinely dear function. In this workshop, we will demonstrate coach conversation around the sex and also will each participant practise some moments of a coaching conversation. We will work in pairs and this is a talk session. 

Sensual Contact Improvisation
A workshop where the music leads us into enjoying our own inner energy of sensuality. You will interact softly with yourself and other bodies. Our inner flow of sexuality and life energy is constantly flowing through our system but does not always get attention. In this workshop, your inner world will be in your focus, while you will be lead to explore and allow your own sensations.

Conscious Touch 

To be totaly present. As a receiver. As the giver. What happend then.
What are the differences from not being there completely.
En joy touch. Enjoy to be touched. Enjoy to receive.
Enjoy to give. What happends? Some kind of magic.


Private Sessions - Mystic Tantric Massage

Matilda offers four different Mystic Tantric Massage sessions. 
Before and after the festival, welcome to contact her direct for more information.

Nadine Goldau

Nadine Goldau, Norway 

Nadine Tara is a multi-facettet-prism-person.
The last facette added was motherhood. She went to med-school and went through part of the specialization as a family doctor. Her special interest lies in integrative healing approaches - she trained in acupuncture and Neuraltherapie, anthroposophic medicine and Reiki. Apart from that she is a certified Biodanza facilitator under supervison.

Her passion for dance and water springs from her very essence and has been nurtured since childhood. I will facilitate together with my baby daughter.

Water dance
Water dance is the invitation to dance our lives - in water.
To bring ourselves completely as we are and experience ourselves and each other in the element of water.

It's a semi-Guided movement experience to selected music. How does my body want to move to this music?
How do I feel when I am in a group where I'm fully accepted and celebrated as I am?
How does the element water change my perception of my body and myself?
Those are questions that we will answer through the dance - with our every cells.

Pavel Krementes

Pavel Krementes, Germany
Born into a family where spirituality was very present, I grew up with Yoga, Meditation and other spiritual practices. I have worked with and been trained by renown international teachers like Ma Ananda Sarita, Matilda Gregersdotter or Sergey Agapkin. In my work I am using ancient practices, adapted to the modern way of life and combining them with the latest scientific discoveries in the fields of nutrition, physical activity and sleep.

Another important part of my work is a giving holistic and Tantra Massages. Giving massages is not only my profession, but my passion and calling in life.
I have learnt different massage and healing techniques from renown teachers all over the world like in China, India, Russia, Bali and Thailand.
Massages, the way I give them, are deeply healing because I apply conscious touch.
Physically long held tensions can dissolve because they are a mirror of our emotional landscape.
I mix intuitive movements with specific body work techniques and tune into the individual needs of each client.

Conscious eating
For consciousness and enjoying your life more and being in a moment through raising your awareness and opening your heart. I start with a meditation, and afterwards we will have a conscious practice combined with drinks/food degustation being held in a meditative state.

Osho Dynamic Meditation
Osho Dynamic meditation is one of the most famous active meditations created by Osho. This meditation aims to move stagnant energy and break conditioned patterns in the body-mind that keeps one imprisoned in the past. This is a fast and intense meditation that allows the practitioner to experience the freedom, the witnessing, silence and peace.
Dynamic meditation is meant to be done in the early morning, when “The whole of nature becomes alive, the night has gone, the sun is coming up and everything becomes conscious and alert.”

Pavel offers private session, welcome to book directly with him.


I’ll be offering full-body holistic massages (sessions any duration, designed based on your personal needs, using conscious touch technique) and Tantra massage rituals. I invite you to experience  two beautifully designed ancient techniques: Kashmiri tradition and Tao mystic bodywork.

Tao Mystic Bodywork
is a healing full body massage technique has its origin in ancient China created by Tao mystics in order to increase the sensual vitality by becoming aware of the more subtle sensations and energetic flow of the body. It is a unique, precise sequence of touch and pauses that harmonize and move the energy throughout the body. It increases your capacity to process your emotions, activate your self-healing mechanisms and contain your energy for every day life. ~2 hours.


Kashmiri Bodywork is a spiritual practice originated in the Northern Indian tradition of Shaivism. This healing full body massage is a combination of sensual touch and meditation, an intuitive, fluent form of harmonizing your inner masculine and feminine, child and adult. The surface of your whole body is touched in long strokes with loving care and attention, activating, spreading and equalizing opposite types of energies throughout your whole being. In a state of deep relaxation feelings like joy, gratitude, excitement and being moved to tears may come up. Every feeling and experience is welcome. ~2 hours

In all my body work sessions the most important principle for me is to be in a state of full presence and no-mind while giving the massage. Only that way it can be a healing and deeply meditative experience for you.

For those who are dealing with any kind of traumatic experience, as a preparation for the massage session or just separate I am offering a „Self-healing journey“. In this guided meditation I take you on an emotional journey, using imagination and visualization. Through coming into a state of deep relaxation you will enable self-healing in the shortest possible time. The self-healing journey can help to clear out unhealthy cell memories, connect with your authentic self, heal from emotional or physical issues and achieve a state of inner balance and freedom. ~1-1,5 hours.


Radhika, Israel
A Tantra practitioner and teacher. Teaches conscious sexuality. I have been studying and teaching for more than a decade. In my training, I have a degree in special education, an instructor in for tantra therapy, further training and training in the following subjects: Tantric body de-armouring, somatic work, tantra arts, education for healthy sexuality, work with the pelvic floor and more... I have already accompanied hundreds of women along the way, Men and couples back to listening to the body, to intimacy, to connection, and to a healthy and conscious sexuality, in personal meetings at the clinic, workshops, conferences and festivals in Israel and around the world.
In addition, I am a certified teacher of tantra yoga and traditional tantra, and in my spare time I am also a photographer.

Tantric Kink

Explore your body in a new playful &exciting way!
You are invited with a partner and some curiosity to discover the space where BDSM and Tantra meets.

Radhika offers private session, welcome to book directly with her.


Reema, Jordan
Intro is coming soon

Death Meditation

Description is coming soon.


Wild Love Festival

Sara Barðdal, Iceland
Sara Barðdal is deeply committed to supporting individuals in transforming, healing and taking control of their lives.
She specialize in assisting women in reducing stress, slowing down, reconnecting with themselves, and finding better inner balance.
Over the years, she has acquired diverse training that reflects her passion for mental, spiritual and physical health, as well as connecting to their life force energy.
She is a certified personal trainer, health coach, Yin yoga instructor, yoga teacher, Kundalini activation facilitator, Somatic sexologist, and 9D breathwork facilitator.

9D Breathwork

9D Breathwork is a cutting-edge breathwork therapy or journey that utilizes Somatic breathing techniques, modern technology, and the innate ability to delve deeper into the subconscious mind. It provides participants with an opportunity to experience profound states of relaxation and introspection, while simultaneously fostering a sense of self-love and appreciation for life.

Through expert guidance and a unique approach, 9D Breathwork facilitates the release of limiting beliefs and traumas that often unconsciously govern our lives, leading to stress, anxiety, and depression. By slowing down brainwave activity from the beta frequency (14-30 Hz) to the theta frequency (associated with deep relaxation and meditation), participants gain access to their subconscious mind. Here, they can untether themselves from past traumas, rebuild their sense of self, and cultivate empowering beliefs about themselves and life.

Sara offers private session, welcome to book directly with her.

Tim Bansemer

Tim Bansemer, Germany

Passionate explorer of the human experience in the spiritual and physical worlds.
I’ll share has served me well to be more happy and more whole.

An introduction into Authentic Relating
There will be a very basic introduction about what authentic relating is and what the core 5 principles are. We will play verbal relating games to get to know each other better.

Touch is optional. It’s a verbal workshop.

Thora Kolbrun

Thora Kolbrun Thorarinsdottir, Iceland

From childhood Thora Kolbrun has been drawn towards a deeper knowing and understanding of our true nature. Her intuition and her self reflective nature led her to explore various methods to dive deeper into The self.

She finished BSc in psychology and kundalini yoga teacher training as well as I AM Yoga Nidra advanced/ Yoga Therapy trainings, theta healing and other modalities.
Thora Kolbrun has worked full time as a Kap Facilitator since 2019.
She has been exploring the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA) and what that has to offer, she finished level 1 & 2 of the ISTA trainings & been in quite numbers of temples.

Just another you being me.


Kap (Kundalini Activation Process)

KAP is a direct Kundalini Transmission that activates the Awakening of the Kundalini. Spontaneous movements can and do arise. Some consider it a cathartic experience or something that gives them deep insights or realisations. But these are just some of the side effects that can and do happen.

KAP is a direct energy transmission that activates the Kundalini awakening process. Spontaneous movements can and does arise. Some consider it a cathartic experience or something that gives them deep insights or realisations. But these are just some of the side effects that can and do happen.

A profound rewiring of the brain structure and central nervous system happens with continued exposure. Every “symptom” or sign of a kundalini awakening, from the earliest signs to the later end manifestations, are seen regularly in participants.

The Kundalini Activation Process, is a natural transmission process, and not a self-willed or self-generating process. This is the path of surrender, not the path of will. It is different to other self-generating wilful practises or kundalini experiences (such as Tantra, Chi Gong or Kundalini Yoga).
It is a natural process that won't shock your system in any way, this Kundalini energy has an intelligence that will do exactly what your system needs at that very moment in time.

You lie down on a yoga mat. Some music is played. The facilitator touches or presses some of the chakra or meridian points on your body. That’s it. That’s all that happens on the outside. What happens on the inside is a totally different story.

Thora offers private sessions at the festival, welcome to book directly with her:

Wild Love Festival

Þórhildur Magnúsdóttir, Iceland - Short interview 
Thorhildur (Sora) is a mystical wisdom keeper and practical guide. As a tantric relationship mentor and coach her passion is to guide and inspire individuals to take true sovereignty of their love life and create the relationship of their dreams.
Unafraid to use her own story authentically to ignite courage and compassion she will show you who you are by showing you who she is.
Engineer, yoga teacher, mother, polyamorous wife and wild lover.


Sovereign and Wild Relationships

Discover your Sovereign and Wild relationship style and what steps are next on your path. All the freedom in the world is useless without the knowledge of where you want to go, the wisdom to guide you and the courage to take the next step. Join Thorhildur in a moment of storytelling, personal wisdom sharing and inner landscape guidance to find your authentic path in Love and Relationships.

Yoga for Better Sex

This workshop explores the connection between yoga practice and sex. You will learn in which ways yoga can help you enhance the connection of your body, mind and soul and how it will translate into you experiencing better sex.

Yoga is good for everything and in this workshop we will explore several ways you can focus a yoga practice to enhance your sex life. You will learn how some key yoga poses are beneficial for your body for sex, what muscles need to be strong and flexible and in general how yoga pose principles can help in any sex position to increase ease and enjoyment. State of mind, self-knowledge, mindfulness and breathing also play a pivotal role and we practice how to increase awareness of these areas for a more present and enjoyable practice - both for yoga and sex!

Thorhildur offers private sessions at the festival, welcome to book directly with her:

Victor Stole - Low-1.jpg

Victor Way, Norway
Victor's path has descended down the chakras, from head in the clouds to boots on the ground. Drawing on a decade's worth of Buddhist Tantra practice, he brings tradition, discipline and an explosion of accumulated enthusiasm to the Neotantra revolution!

Victor is many things: coach, yoga teacher, Mahamudra and Dzogchen initiate, Cambridge poetry graduate, TED Talker and national level practitioner of judo and taekwondo. His specialties include classical awakening/ego-dissolution and Kundalini awakening, and he has been guiding others through both of these for some years now.

Expect a contemplative cocktail of traditional Tantra, modern mysticism and hand-crafted heart connections!

Tibetan Karmamudra
Traditional three-stage Tantric meditation for solos and couples.

The first stage is entirely within yourself. You will learn to identify, activate and move between your sexual poles, and activate your inner sexual alchemy.

The second stage is solo or with a partner. We will visualise – or co-create – a date with Divinity. Step by step, we flow from gentle glances into erotic exchange and touch.

The third stage is solo again. We will integrate the sexual energy accumulated by orgasmically moving it through our bodies and chakras, increasing our capacity for joy, love and health – and maybe even spiritual awakening, too...


Ýra, Iceland - Short interview

Ira is one of the organisers of Wild love and the director of Sólsetrið, a Centre recognising the collective human calling to remember it SELF. Celebrating and offering creative and healing ways in which we return to this zero point. She is a Shamanic Healer and Life Artist with a professional background as a Production Designer within Film and TV. Born into Icelandic village life but subsequently living 25 yrs in London, Linda returned to this land with her child Alexander in belly evolving a multi-skilled dynamic of work including: creating Film, Theatre, Play Areas, Festivals, Interior Designs, Book Illustrations, Exhibitions, Playful Workshops, Lecturing and Teaching.

Anger Release with Bella
Description is coming soon.

Conscious Touch with Matilda 
To be totaly present. As a receiver. As the giver. What happend then.What are the differences from not being there completely.En joy touch. Enjoy to be touched. Enjoy to receive.Enjoy to give. What happends? Some kind of magic.

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