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18. - 21. JUNE 2020

Workshop Content 2021

23rd September Opening Ceremony (mandatory) at 20h-23h.
All facilitators and all participants are on site the whole festival.
Three to four workshops parallel throughout the festival.
Closing Ceremony (mandatory) starts at 13h-15h the 26th Sept.
Warm welcome!


Anna & Georg

Hi, I’m Georg, I dance Salsa, Bachata and a little Kizomba since 4 years. My partner Anna is from Germany and is dancing since 3 years. We will do our best to hand our passion about dancing over to all of you! Looking forward to see you guys :)

Introduction to Bachata

Social dancing can be a very sensual experience, when two bodies move together as one, interacting and influencing each other. We will teach you the basics, so you can practice and try it out on your own. It is not necessary to come with a partner, as we will change partners regularly. It is preferable however, so we have an equal amount of leaders and followers.

Short Bachata party

Lets have a short break and dance some bachata. We will have some music on and just have some fun. Dancing bachata or just cuddle with the music



Áróra grew up as a wild child in the Westfjords, deeply connected to nature and animals. Moving to the city was a traumatic experience and she slowly forgot her inner truth, took the role of the perfect little good girl, excelling in school, sports, taking care of others…
After finishing her studies in biomedical engineering and working in the field for a few years she hit bottom. Every dream had been fulfilled & yet she was dying inside. Since then, her journey to find her inner joy & freedom has led her through deep explorations of yoga, movement, meditation, breathwork, tantra and more. https://www.facebook.com/arora.helgadottir

Embodiment Journey Into the Wild
A guided movement journey, where the participant is invited to explore & discover the movements of the body with curiosity & playfulness.
Nothing is right, nothing is wrong - just witnessing the wonder of that which arises from the darkness of the unknown.
The journey will step by step open the awareness to feel the body from the inside & create a deep connection to the Earth - releasing tension in the nervous system & opening up to deep relaxation.

*The bliss is in the body <3*
Embodiment - being able to feel your body in more subtle ways is a superpower! It's fundamental in order to be aware of your needs and in tune with your inner guidance system.

*Play on the edge of the unknown <3*
Practicing trust - allowing the magic of the life force within you to reveal itself. How free your body is to move in every moment, mirrors the freedom you give yourself in every aspect of your life.

Shamanic Breathwork
Using breath and music to alter the state of consciousness - facilitating inner healing and empowerment, creating deeper connections to subtle realms of existence.

Shamanic Breathwork is a powerful method to open into an altered state of consciousness, where all expression of the body is welcome. With a simple breathing technique, combined with chakra attuned music, the participant is invited to discover one's inner landscape and ability to heal and transform - on a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical plane.

We connect to our inner wisdom and feel what is ready to be felt, opening for more clarity and life force energy that empowers us to be fully present in our lives, in a co-creative and conscious way.

Yoga of Sound & the Power of Your Voice
Exploring the magic of your voice - for your own healing and empowerment.
Sound practices from the lineage of Sri Vidya tantra.

Discover the power of your voice - for your own healing and empowerment!
Many of us have some kind of wounding around using our voice, singing and expressing our truth.
*Baby, it's time to speak your truth! Your voice is needed in this world.*

With curiosity, we will play with sound practices from the tantric lineage of Sri Vidya. We will explore the different impact that the 4 streams of sound have on our human experience and how we can use them in everyday life:
-Vedic mantras
-Tantric mantras
-Bhakti mantras
-Nada yoga


Bruce Lyon

The founder of Wild Love Movement

 Bruce loves to explore the places where the personal, planetary and cosmic journey meet, and to guide others on their initiatory journey into the life force that lies behind both the esoteric and erotic dimensions of love.
He is the founder of Highden Temple and Shamballa School.
At the moment his energies are going into

Wild Love Global Alignment

This solstice alignment provides a rare opportunity for the initiation of humanity’s heart. Bruce will light the inner flame for the sacred fire vigil live online with groups gathering all over the planet.

This is a live online globaly synchronized event.


Bræðralagið (Brotherhood)

Bræðralagið; Gísli, Ívar, Mikael, Óli Ben, Óli björn, Victor We are a group of friends, that have decided to create a container for men to come together and speak, move, act and relate to one another, we are doing the work in many fields including ceremonies, shamanic theory and teachings, music, singing, movement, breathwork, cold water, Different ways of healing practices, plant medicine, tantric arts, holding space, astrology and many more.

Our passion and purpose are to manifest the brotherhood here in Iceland, to create a container where we can share and relate our everything to one another, doing our best to show up ready to do the work! And put in the hours it takes to become more conscious and have a safe haven to come too when we fall off the horse.

Brotherhood morning journey

Brotherhood journey sharings and activation :
A brotherhood journey, A walk, Talk and Activation.
An introduction to what the brotherhood is and what we are going to offer.
Men’s circle
Something extra



My spirit flies high, but I love earthliness and work with root energy. I invite You to reconnect with the Nature through a conscious adventure with food and touch. I am currently studying Tantra and give private Kambo, Rapee and Reiki healing sessions.

Exploring the senses through taste and touch

The sensation of touch, as well as our sense of taste and texture, is heightened when we do not have our sight to rely on. This is a fun and playful way to be indulged by another as well as building trust and intimacy with a lover or a friend.



A wild philosopher. Integrates scientific approach with spiritual wisdom, to research consciousness and our sexual nature. This, in turn, supports people’s empowerment to know themselves better and discover deeper the essence of their peace and vitality.

Over the last 20 years, Kadesh has practiced Tantra as a way of living and has facilitated individuals and group processes in 15 countries. Kadesh is also a psychotherapist, natural healer, Yoga instructor and wellness coacher.

Cuddle Play Temple & the Art of Consent

A play party which will start as a guided practice of consent and liberating ourselves from self-judgment and shame by expressing authentically of our fears and desires with each other. Then within safe boundaries and full consent, we will explore together the joy of touch. A party of touch and conscious communication. After the guidance, the space will be open for intuitive further exploration.

Multiorgasmity & Sexual KongFu tips for Men

It is mainly for men, although a curious woman can also join and listen.

I will share with you some tips and practices which you can take home around; how to separate ejaculation from orgasm? how to open up for experiencing multi-orgasms? how to strengthen the sexual potency? how to increase sexual stamina? how to use sexuality to increase vitality? natural healthy tips on raising up testosterone levels, etc.

Wild Love Global Event & Meditation

Crystallising the understanding of the cosmic order and the uniqueness of this specific event in an astronomical sense. With that clarity we'll celebrate that moment all together with about a 100 more locations around our planet, guiding our attention towards our unity as a global beings generating a global culture. An opportunity to synchronise and influence the new time to come soon.



Hæ, I am Katarina, a yoga teacher, healer, massage therapist and the founder of Reykjavik Ropes.
I have a deep interest in tying/Japanese rope bondage and it´s emotional aspects like the energy and power exchange that comes with it.
I believe that tying can be experienced on many different levels and in many different ways and involves understanding and feeling yourself and your partner to get a deeper bond.
I and my partner are looking forward to giving you a glimpse into this world that lies there for you to discover it´s depths.


Shibari intro workshop
An afternoon basic introduction course into the art of Shibari.
Shibari is the Japanese word for "to tie" and nowadays stands for Japanese rope bondage and it´s different forms.
We believe that tying can be experienced on many different levels and in many different ways and involves understanding and feeling yourself and your partner to get a deeper bond.
This course will consist of:
Safety with rope
ConsentGetting familiar with your rope
& how to handle it and use it with your partner
Basic knots and knowledge about tying
Energy- and power exchange with your partner
Emotional aspects

It is no problem to come as a single person as most of the basic techniques can be practiced on yourself.
Please respect each other and each other's personal space!
I and my partner are looking forward to giving you a glimpse into this world that lies there for you to discover it´s depths.


Kolbrún Björnsdóttir

Kolbrún is a medical herbalist and owner of the Jurtaapótek, she has been teaching the Icelanders about the medicinal value of plants for 27 years. Done many lectures, written a book, taken private consultation for 27 years teaching people how to feel better with herbs and diet.
Her herbal shop, Jurtaapótek, where where she is hand manufacturing the products. She has been studying the elements for many years, now relating it to the herbs. Doing yoga and meditation for more than 25 years. Is outdoor person, likes hiking, skiing, gardening, taking cold baths, hiking and just studying nature. https://www.facebook.com/kolbrun3

Herbal walk in Skrauthólar - observe from all angles

Herbal walk in Skrauthólar, where you will learn how the Icelandic plants can strengthen and heal your mind, body and soul.
We will see the 7 elements in the plant kingdom; same as in our body. Learn how the plants can help us on many levels. It would be good to take a magnifying glass with you because we are going to really look at them. I don't think we can pick plants unless some of the plants are in bulk in Skrauthólar. Nature loves us and we love nature.



Kristín Þórsdóttir

Kristín Þórsdóttir is the founder and owner of Eldmóður fræðslusetur ehf. She workes as an ACC coach at her company and also at Kraftur, which is a support community for
young adults with cancer and their relatives. Kristín is also a lecturer and has been holding prevention lectures for teenagers about self-image and sexual health where
she talks among other things about her own experience as a teenager. She is also holding lectures for women, so-called Skynfæraveisla (Senses feast). There she talks about how and why it is so important for women to be connected to themselves and their sexual power.
Kristín is studying to become a sex coach and she will graduate from her school in the year 2021.
A year ago she started to learn about Yoni Eggs and recently she opened a wholesale called Eldmóður yoni. She is
selling Yoni Eggs and talking to women about their power to be strong and
having their own pleasures. Her passion in life is that all women will connect to
their inner self and life force energy.
Kristín is 35 years old and a mother of three children.
Instagram eldmodur_yoni

Eldmóður yoni

I am going to talk about Yoni eggs and the benefits of them, teaching a few techniques and exercise to use them.
I will also sell the Yoni eggs.


Linda Mjöll Stefansdottir (Íra)

Linda/ Ira is the director of Sólsetrið, a Centre recognising the collective human calling to remember itSELF. Celebrating and offering creative and healing ways in which we return to this zero point. She is a Shamanic Healer and Life Artist with a professional background as a Production Designer within Film and TV. Born into Icelandic village life but subsequently living 25 yrs in London, Linda returned to this land with her child Alexander in belly evolving a multi-skilled dynamic of work including: creating Film, Theatre, Play Areas, Festivals, Interior Designs, Book Illustrations, Exhibitions, Playful Workshops, Lecturing and Teaching. https://www.facebook.com/linda.m.stefansdottir

Storytelling Hour

This early morning hour is a soft wake up for the children or all the family. It is and honouring of the hidden elements that live in our land. Iceland and especially this mountain Esja. If there is aliveness in the group we may well co-create a tale that is driven by remembering what lives in this very moment and place.

An offering of some stories that take us into the mythical worlds of this land and its hidden beings. We will make use of some simple instruments that give us all a way to play into the storyline. If the moment takes us there we might even co-create our very own tales, ones that this mountain Esja holds and wants to remember.


Body as ART
Inside our authentic expression of self, there are often times signatures, signs, patterns, colours that wish to display themselves. This workshop offers women from teenage upwards a time to reveal on their skin, through body paint, in co-creation the ART that is you. Invite yourself into a Ceremony of Modern, Tribal, Rainbow flavour that promises to include a time to move your body in all its complete Artistry as well as be photographed if there is that calling.

Revealing and playfully exploring our self through Body/Skin Art, our colours, symbols, patterns. Co-creation within sisterhood for ourselves and each other in a united field of trust and ceremonial rainbow deLIGHT. The guidance is given within an otherwise open free flow of primal artistry that lives within us all. In completion, there will be an offering to reveal your ´canvas´ in movement and an opportunity for the image of you to be preserved on a photograph.

Wild Mask Making

A workshop designed to explore through mask making, a degree of Self Reflection and journeying into the nature of this Avatar. Playing with image making onto our own ´Mask´- pealing off our identity and coming up with another self is remarkably powerful both for the child and parents. It also makes for a fun ´festival´ identity to have children parading around as their alternative, other WILD self.

We welcome the whole family with children of all ages to make a mask sculpted from your own face! Using a thin layer of sculpting plaster we create a copy of OURSELVES and onto this fabricate fantastical layers of all that our hearts and minds can imagine. The outcomes are often part animal, space being, mythical creatures or simply extraordinary Humans. If you have your own collections of natural objects or ornaments do bring them along otherwise all materials are at hand to meet your dreams.


Liz Morris

Liz finds her greatest passion and inspiration from the planet and the wildness in her being. She believes that as each of us chooses to listen to this wildness, we can live a more balanced and soulful existence. Her work is to facilitate the awakening of humans to their soul expression and to assist them in developing the sensitivity to hear and respond to the way it speaks through them. She is co-founder of The MILF Project, a Sexual Shamanic Practitioner and an ISTA Faculty Apprentice.



Matilda Gregersdotter

Matilda is one of the creators of Wild Love Celabration - Iceland. She is a pioneer in transformational work in Iceland. She was born in Sweden and lives for more than 20 years in Iceland with her husband for 25 years and 4 children, dows, dogs, cat and her coaching school www.evolvia.is. She is a master certified coach with the International Coach Federation and has trained most professional coaches in Iceland. She is a tantrica and gives tantric massage sessions as her divine self-development and gift. She is the organiser of ISTA Iceland from the beginning three years ago. Her life is about enhancing our evolution in the most enjoyable and effective ways.



Coaching Sexuality
While sexuality is our core and most personal area. To talk to someone about we work and what we would love to improve is a genuinely dear function. In this workshop, we will demonstrate coach conversation around the sex and also will each participant practise some moments of a coaching conversation. We will work in pairs and this is a talk session. 

Sensual Contact Improvisation
A workshop where the music leads us into enjoying our own inner energy of sensuality. You will interact softly with yourself and other bodies. Our inner flow of sexuality and life energy is constantly flowing through our system but does not always get attention. In this workshop, your inner world will be in your focus, while you will be lead to explore and allow your own sensations.

Tantric Massage Workshop
While our bodies are the most amazing castles. We want to start to be present to what happens when we touch. What kind of touch can we use? What kind of touch do we most commonly use? How many kinds of touch are there? We will explore different kinds of touch. How we allow for a completely free atmosphere in full consent for the person getting the touch. We will switch roles and both receive and give.
BRING: You will bring your own sheet, towel, sarong and oil for massage.


Michaela Yoga

Michaela is a free spirit, wild heart and hippie soul, passionately sharing love through a gift of yoga she had received. The connection of the body, mind and soul had transformed her life completely and it is her purpose to spread it wherever she travels.


Morning yoga & meditation

Let's begin a festival day by allowing ourselves to breathe freely and steadily. Our breath, which will lead us within, will be followed by gentle movements as well as long time in asanas. We will allow ourselves to feel and to love. After guided meditation and yin yoga we will find our beautiful bodies in deep relaxation. Everybody is welcome to join and create a magical experience.

Yoga ~ Wild and Free
Make love with yourself through yoga. Once we become our own light we can experience unconditional love and freedom.
Let's feel wild and free in our sacred bodies and spread our love all around.

Everybody is welcome to join Vinyasa yoga flow where we will connect with our breath, open our heart and experience pure love. During the class, we will receive healing touches. We will meditate, cherish the breath and movement, relax and receive gentle massage in the end with essential oils and healing sounds.


Natascha Fischer 

Through the practice of sacred sexuality, she strives to embody the life force energy that is Love. By connecting face to face, body to body and engaging in delicate and open communication. For there is much healing to be obtained from physical intimacy and through touch when you connect from the heart. Unveiling shame and acknowledging the shadows we all carry in order to weave love into all aspects of our life.

Parent/child body exploration
Looking at our body as the material we all have in common.
There is more shame around some of our body parts and mostly regarding our sexual organs so we want to address that topic.
Being curious about your body and getting to know how it works and feels is a wonderful journey. Feeling safe and free to express and communicate this curiosity to the people closest to you is an integral part of that journey. There is no shame in wanting to explore and we offer a safe space and guidance for that wonderful journey 🦄

Exploring the senses through taste and touch

The sensation of touch, as well as our sense of taste and texture, is heightened when we do not have our sight to rely on. This is a fun and playful way to be indulged by another as well as building trust and intimacy with a lover or a friend.


Radhika Gaya 

I am Tantra practitioner. I teach Tantra, Tantra yoga and conscious sexuality in workshops and one-on-one sessions.

I`m based in Israel, and I give on-line sessions as well.

Conscious BDSM

In this workshop we are going to discover the exciting world of BDSM. after a short talk and understanding the "rules of the game", and a tizzing demonstration, we are going to awaken our senses and explore our boundaries. merging the worlds of Tantra and BDSM to go high... on fun and pleasure, playing in couples. one should come with a partner. (from any gender)

Sex Magic

How can you transform the sexual energy into a spiritual one?
How can you transcend and connect to divinity through the sexual energy?
I invite you to connect into the inner you, to live yourself fully through conscious breath.

in this workshop we will learn and experience what sex magic is all about,
and practice moving this sexual energy around through breathing and self-pleasure, and create magic with it.