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During the festival, there will be the possibility to have a private session with some of the facilitators who are also practitioners.


You are welcome to read about what each of them has to offer.

If you would like to have a session with someone then contact that person directly through the details that will show up on the description.

The payment and insurance will be between you two, and the festival organization won't take any part in this.

Please be sure you choose from a full-hearted coherence.


You can book a session already in advance, or at the reception desk during the festival.


We wish the sessions to be further support for the deepening of your experience at the festival.

Please take a look at the amazing options that are offered.


For any more information about the sessions you are welcome to contact Natascha on:


Phone: +354-868-0707


Arabella Morgan   Shamanic Healing Sessions
In this session, Arabella goes into the private ceremony with you in a safe and contained space. With the help of the spirits she works with and your she is guided to how to best serve you in this time of your life. Which may be: Energy clearing and removal of unhealthy cord and attachments, Ancestral healing, shamanic journeying, soul retrieval, and spiritual guidance.

Arabella has dedicated the last 11 years to her personal healing and awakening. Motivated by her supernatural experiences as a child and throughout her life, she practices mindfulness and is initiated into different shamanic traditions.
Arabella’s teaching, mentoring programs and workshops focus on the connection between mind, emotions, body and spirit. She is always studying and learning new modalities. Through her own healing journey she has found a calling and has started to work with the mysteries of intuition and the senses.

Elsa Rós Smáradóttir   Soulbased Coaching Modality  
We will dive into your soul knowing with Soul-based coaching modality. I hold space to help you with life transitions or if there is anything coming up in our festival that you need help with. What would you like to have happen?

I’ll help you in a gentle loving way clear anything stopping you from fully living life from your essence. I believe the relationship we have with ourselves is our best asset and I’ll guide you to find your answers.

Fredrik Swan  Voice Coaching Session
We will dive into your soul knowing with Soul-based coaching modality. I hold space to help you with life transitions or if there is anything coming up in our festival that you need help with. What would you like to have happen?

Fredrik Swahn is a professional artist with over 25 years of experience, a certified voice coach after studying at the Royal Music Academy of Stockholm and one of the most radiant workshop leaders
Fredrik’s love for running transformational workshops is often framed by the powerful transmission of his live songs that inspire participants to open up to more vulnerability, presence and expansions of their hearts through sound, breath and true intimacy.


Frida Svensk  Tantra Therapy Session
Explore yourself on a deeper level through conscious touch, bodywork, De-armouring, bodywork, energy work, NLP-coaching, and tantric massage. Explore your own pleasure, boundaries, your true voice, expressions, thoughts & all kinds of feelings, obstacles, courage, relaxation, and authenticity.

Frida works with the body and mind in an expansion approach to healing. She offers private sessions as a deep and intimate exploration with yourself, a door opening into your own world of reality. She gives Tantra therapy sessions, yoga classes, arranges women's circles, Tantra workshops, retreats, and Dakini temples in her home country Sweden. She loves to see people stepping outside their comfort zone and supporting them in their growth. Frida is educated in Tantra Therapy, Tantra Massage, De-armouring bodywork, NLP coaching, Medical, and kundalini Yoga.


Janie Petersen  Healing Yoni Massage Ritual
Healing YONI Massage Ritual with Janie. Do you long to connect with your Yoni on a deeper level and build a relationship with her that allows you to access more love, pleasure and aliveness?

Janie is a Tantric Sex and Relationship Coach and she loves to create transformational spaces for people to grow and evolve in.
She equally loves creating workshops that allow for participants to explore Tantra and a deeper connection with themselves, their body and their highest potential of pleasure. Janie transmits her passion for life and love wherever she goes and has a way of connecting with people that opens their hearts with ease and depth.

Janie Petersen/Fredrik Swanh  Tantric Coaching Sessions for Individuals 
Co-create a personalised session with us where you are able to get clarity on your sexual/sensual desire, fears and boundaries and explore what is stopping you from fully experiencing pleasure and power in your body.

Janie is a Tantric Sex and Relationship Coach and she loves to create transformational spaces for people to grow and evolve in. Janie transmits her passion for life and love wherever she goes and has a way of connecting with people that opens their hearts with ease and depth. Fredrik has formed and led various men groups and tantric couple retreats throughout Sweden. He has been on the tantric path for two decades and is continuously longing to drop into deeper authenticity with the people around him while sharing his passion for conscious connections and sacred sexuality.

Joy Mittens   Private shamanic sexual healing session
I am offering private shamanic sexual healing sessions at the festival.
Depending on your specific situation, these can include Sacred Touch massage, Emotional release, Heart clearing, Relationship clearing, Yoni/Lingam/Genital (external) massage, Sacred Spot (internal) massage.They last for 90 minutes to 2 hours
They are for people who are struggling with feelings of Shame, Brokenness, Being blocked, Dissatisfaction, Disconnection, Disempowerment, Anxiety, Numbness, Lack of pleasure, or Pain in their sexuality.
We will journey to the route of these issues and release trapped energy from the emotional and physical body to allow energy to move more freely in your system so you can start to step out of these limiting states and into your fullest expression.

Joy Mittens is a shamanic sexuality facilitator and guide. She is fascinated and excited by the subject of sexuality, in particular the way that bringing sex into the equation is a most potent medicine to bring up all of our shit for us to see and work on. It’s juicy and meaty and uncomfortable as hell. Her training has mainly been with ISTA and Highden Mystery Schools. She facilitates workshops, offers 1 on 1 shamanic sexual healing sessions, online coaching, and also makes art.

Kadesh  TPST (Holistic TransPersonal PsychoSomatic Sexual Therapy)
After being a practitioner in a large variety of body, mind & energetic based healing modalities, Kadesh synthesised these teachings into a new method he calls Holistic TransPersonal PsychoSomatic Sexual Therapy, or in short, TPST.

Over the last 24 years, Kadesh has practised Tantra as a way of living, been a practitioner for 22 years and facilitated individuals & group processes in 16 countries for the last 17 years. Please check the pdf for more info about sessions with Kadesh

Lilia Zaks Sokol
 Shamanic tantric healing session
Shamanic tantric healing session including lingam or yoni massage, combines many techniques to increase the energy of life in the body and pleasure.

I came to Tantra from the world of science with 15 years of experience as a pharmacist. After deep learning and many years of spiritual personal work - I became a therapist, facilitator for couples and groups on the path of self-love and authenticity. I Have worked for over a decade with a variety of tools from the world of Theta Healing, Shamanism and Tantra. Inspires an authentic life and a connection to passion, freedom and high truth.

Matilda Gregersdotter
Coaching Sexuality 
Matilda is a MCC certififed coach with International Coach Federation, and coach educator who founded Evolvia Coach Training 2006. She is the designer of ICF accredited programs. She as well gives private session with regards to sexuality. Read more about her
Tantric Massage Therapy 
Cousciouns touch as a way into pleasure, as way to allow for our bodies to transform. This is an art and a gift to receive.
Welcome to book at session. Matilda offers four different kinds of tantric massage as therapy sessions.

Nadine Tara Gold 
 Aoum Healing
My session format is called aoum-healing. It is a combination of active listening, acupuncture, reiki, anthroposophic medicine and sound medicine. According to your wishes, needs and desires we will find the perfect combination for you.

Since last summer during a temple training I carry the soul name Tara. My given name is Nadine and I like the combination of both since it shows the bridging being I am. I studied school medicine for 7 years and worked as a medical doctor for 2 and 1/3 years. Additionally I almost finished my training as a Biodanza facilitator, took courses in neuraltherapy, have the Reiki Level 2, the A diploma acupuncture and am currently on a three year training to become an anthroposophic doctor. My passion is creative self expression and my call is to encourage and support myself and others to live our full potential.

Pasha Krem 
 Kashmiri Tantra Massage
Kashmiri Tantra Massage is a soft, sensual massage ritual from North India – a tradition of Kashmiri Shaivism. It unites the masculine, the feminine, your inner child, and the Buddha within (your godliness). The receiver gets in deep contact with these four energies. This is done in a safe and grounded way, so whatever healing needs to happen, happens without the giver having a goal to heal the receiver. The whole body gets touched sensually, without focusing on specific body parts.

Pasha proposes to accompany you to a conscious lifestyle that leads to a feeling of boundless happiness, unconditional love and endless pleasure. He is a Tantra practitioner. He teaches Tantra and gives Tantra-massage, meditation and coaching sessions.
In his work, he uses ancient practices adapted for a modern person in combination with principles based on the latest scientific discoveries in the field of nutrition, physical activity, sleep.

Per Scheffer 
 Tantra Therapy Session
My offering is about increasing your connection to your erotic energy and helping you to welcome all aspects of you, including your sexuality. This is done in a space of clear boudaries, intense presence and with no judgement, goal or motive. Leave the session with more vitality.

Per is a certified tantra therapist that is passionate about creating pleasure and intimacy through touch, presence and safety.

Susanne Marie Volkmer (aka Marisu) 

Body Enlightment Session
Soothing movements of individual body parts on the massage table invite you to ever deeper letting go. Tensions, repressed feelings and negative thought patterns can be released and transformed. This changes the body feeling and the whole being deep into the cellular level.

Amour-Lifting-Bodywork is a de-armoring body and energy work that releases blockages in the body by pressing pain points. Unfelt emotional or physical injuries can disrupt the flow of energy in the body. These can manifest as tension in the muscles and surrounding connective tissue and pain.

Amour-Lifting-Bodywork makes it possible to feel these areas again.
I learned body-enlightenment 10 years ago and have been practicing it ever since. i love this technique because it is so good for myself - a treatment is so pleasant and easy that i, as the practitioner, feel as good afterwards as my client.

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