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Reema Asendar, Jordan

Reema is an explorer of Tazkia (purification of self), shadow-work, intimacy, plant medicines, and medicine music. She is an ecstatic dance DJ and facilitator, and the founder of the Death Meditation Experience (DME). Reema holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Information Systems from the University of Jordan. She worked in social development through football for over 9 years at the Office of His Royal Highness Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein of Jordan, where she served in Media and Communications management. She was part of two successful global campaigns which led to Prince Ali's election as a Vice President of FIFA, and allowing women who wear the headscarf to participate in official FIFA matches. Reema began a new chapter in 2019, where she trained to be an Ecstatic Dance DJ with Ecstatic Dance International in Portugal, and studied Coaching and Advanced Coaching with Iceland-based Evolvia. In 2022, Reema launched the Death Meditation Experience (DME) in Florida, USA, to create space for healing around death and coming to peace with the inevitable,too live a life of more joy and lightness.

Death Meditation (DME)

In some spiritual practices, meditators visualize their death in detail, to make peace with the inevitable. DME is an immersive, thoughtfully designed sound journey inspired by such practices. Meditating on your death may support the following: - Recognition of your priorities, values, and who and what truly matters to you. - Meeting your hidden fears and anxieties to integrate them. - Excavating what is buried deep in your psyche. - Awakening a deeper sense of gratitude and appreciation. DME was launched in Florida at Art With Me Miami Festival in 2023, by founder and creator Reema Asendar.

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