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Pavel Kremenets, Germany
Born into a family where spirituality was very present, I grew up with Yoga, Meditation and other spiritual practices. I have worked with and been trained by renown international teachers like Ma Ananda Sarita, Matilda Gregersdotter or Sergey Agapkin. In my work I am using ancient practices, adapted to the modern way of life and combining them with the latest scientific discoveries in the fields of nutrition, physical activity and sleep.

Another important part of my work is a giving holistic and Tantra Massages. Giving massages is not only my profession, but my passion and calling in life.
I have learnt different massage and healing techniques from renown teachers all over the world like in China, India, Russia, Bali and Thailand.
Massages, the way I give them, are deeply healing because I apply conscious touch.
Physically long held tensions can dissolve because they are a mirror of our emotional landscape.
I mix intuitive movements with specific body work techniques and tune into the individual needs of each client.

Conscious eating
For consciousness and enjoying your life more and being in a moment through raising your awareness and opening your heart. I start with a meditation, and afterwards we will have a conscious practice combined with drinks/food degustation being held in a meditative state.

Osho Dynamic Meditation
Osho Dynamic meditation is one of the most famous active meditations created by Osho. This meditation aims to move stagnant energy and break conditioned patterns in the body-mind that keeps one imprisoned in the past. This is a fast and intense meditation that allows the practitioner to experience the freedom, the witnessing, silence and peace.
Dynamic meditation is meant to be done in the early morning, when “The whole of nature becomes alive, the night has gone, the sun is coming up and everything becomes conscious and alert.”


Private Session
Pavel offers private session, welcome to book directly with him.


I’ll be offering full-body holistic massages (sessions any duration, designed based on your personal needs, using conscious touch technique) and Tantra massage rituals. I invite you to experience  two beautifully designed ancient techniques: Kashmiri tradition and Tao mystic bodywork.

Tao Mystic Bodywork
is a healing full body massage technique has its origin in ancient China created by Tao mystics in order to increase the sensual vitality by becoming aware of the more subtle sensations and energetic flow of the body. It is a unique, precise sequence of touch and pauses that harmonize and move the energy throughout the body. It increases your capacity to process your emotions, activate your self-healing mechanisms and contain your energy for every day life. ~2 hours.


Kashmiri Bodywork is a spiritual practice originated in the Northern Indian tradition of Shaivism. This healing full body massage is a combination of sensual touch and meditation, an intuitive, fluent form of harmonizing your inner masculine and feminine, child and adult. The surface of your whole body is touched in long strokes with loving care and attention, activating, spreading and equalizing opposite types of energies throughout your whole being. In a state of deep relaxation feelings like joy, gratitude, excitement and being moved to tears may come up. Every feeling and experience is welcome. ~2 hours

In all my body work sessions the most important principle for me is to be in a state of full presence and no-mind while giving the massage. Only that way it can be a healing and deeply meditative experience for you.

For those who are dealing with any kind of traumatic experience, as a preparation for the massage session or just separate I am offering a „Self-healing journey“. In this guided meditation I take you on an emotional journey, using imagination and visualization. Through coming into a state of deep relaxation you will enable self-healing in the shortest possible time. The self-healing journey can help to clear out unhealthy cell memories, connect with your authentic self, heal from emotional or physical issues and achieve a state of inner balance and freedom. ~1-1,5 hours.


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