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Matilda Gregersdotter

Matilda Gregersdotter, Iceland - Short interview

Matilda is one of the creators of Wild Love Celebration - Iceland. Author of the book Daily Sex, on Amazon. She is a pioneer in transformational work in Iceland. She was born in Sweden and lives for more than 20 years in Iceland with her husband for 25 years and 4 children, dows, dogs, cat and her coaching school She is a master certified coach with the International Coach Federation and has trained most professional coaches in Iceland. She is a tantrica and gives tantric massage sessions as her divine self-development and gift. She is the organiser of ISTA Iceland. Her life is about enhancing our evolution in the most enjoyable and effective ways.

Energetic Orgasm Temple with Astrid Hübner
Orgasmic current runs through our bodies at all times.We welcome you to a particular time with our life force in focus.How do we live a more dynamic, satisfying, orgasmic life and connect better with our bodies profoundly and meaningfully?

Having access to our energy increases our quality of life.
How can we use it and expand it? 
What allows us to feel pleasure?
What does it do to us?

We are in this life to learn, grow, and expand our abilities for an orgasmic living.
Welcome to witness and learn demostrations.We do short practise with different partners.

Coaching Sexuality
While sexuality is our core and most personal area. To talk to someone about we work and what we would love to improve is a genuinely dear function. In this workshop, we will demonstrate coach conversation around the sex and also will each participant practise some moments of a coaching conversation. We will work in pairs and this is a talk session. 

Sensual Contact Improvisation
A workshop where the music leads us into enjoying our own inner energy of sensuality. You will interact softly with yourself and other bodies. Our inner flow of sexuality and life energy is constantly flowing through our system but does not always get attention. In this workshop, your inner world will be in your focus, while you will be lead to explore and allow your own sensations.

Conscious Touch 

To be totaly present. As a receiver. As the giver. What happend then.
What are the differences from not being there completely.
En joy touch. Enjoy to be touched. Enjoy to receive.
Enjoy to give. What happends? Some kind of magic.


Private Sessions 

Matilda offers four different Mystic Tantric Massage sessions. 
Before and after the festival, welcome to contact her direct for more information.


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