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18. - 21. JUNE 2020

Wild Love Festival Iceland 2024
ISTA Level 2 - Iceland 2024 - Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience
ISTA Level 1 - Iceland - 2024 - Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience
Wild Love Festival Iceland 2023
ISTA Level 1 - Iceland 2023
ISTA Level 2 - Iceland 2023
Wild Love 2022 FESTIVAL
ISTA Level 1 - Iceland 2022
Wild love202
wild love
ISTA-Iceland 2019 level 1
ISTA-Iceland 2019 Level 2
ISTA Iceland 2018

Experience the essence of self-celebration at our annual Wild Love Festival—an immersive four-day celebration of your innate sensuality and the profound beauty of reconnecting with your primal essence.

Join us for an exploration of life's ecstasy through a curated journey that embraces all your senses.


Embrace the transformative power of our opening ceremony, setting the tone for a collective and personal odyssey. Facilitators and participants alike converge for an unforgettable experience, beginning Thursday evening and culminating in a heartfelt closing ceremony on Sunday afternoon.

Our lovingly crafted space offers simultaneous workshops, allowing you to select and immerse yourself in experiences that resonate with your journey. Each year, against the breathtaking backdrop of Iceland, we gather to honor the depth of life force and the joy of unearthing our authentic selves.

Join us in this timeless celebration of self-discovery and connection at the Wild Love Festival.

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