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Welcome to celebrate the dawn of a new way of living 
18th - 21st June

Four days of workshops at Sólsetrið, Skrautholar, in Iceland.

 We are going to experience the (maybe) most significant astronomical alignment in our life very soon.
On the solstice, there will be an annular solar eclipse. That by itself is a beautiful alignment. With that, there will be as well an alignment with the centre of our galaxy. all the 4 degrees of cosmological hierarchy related to Earth straightening on the same line. An event like this can happen in windows that are opening only every ~12,894 years, and even during these windows it’s probably an extremely rare event to have all these 3 events aligned:


Alignment of Earth and the Galactic centre
Annular Solar Eclipse


Of course, it can be interpreted in many ways;
We see it as a dawning of a new civilization on earth, of unified global humanity which is as the planet is awakening to know it’s wholeness through us (people) and claim it’s identity in this vast galactic phenomena.
It’s up to us the influence of which identity earth is becoming, as we are a part of this lush super-organism.
How can we integrate all different cultures, all different nations, and every other different group-identity that separates a group from the wholeness that is more real than any sub-group? We all need to take part in this for it to happen in the best way possible. even for the sake of all the other animals and life-forms on this beautiful planet, Earth.
What reality would we like to create and live in, and what reality are we allowing ourselves to believe is possible? We can inspire each other to make this world even a better place to be born into. but the only way to do it is together, all of us, with the knowledge of our wholeness. simply because we are one whole!
We foresee in this extraordinary cosmic alignment the time of that planetary awakening to happen in mass scale, we want to celebrate it all together, therefore there will be many events of the Wild Love movement around the planet, celebrating this dawn of new civilization with ecstasy.
These are the 2 main elements:

Dawn of new (global) civilization

which we are intending to integrate as many expressions as possible of these 2 elements.


What will education look like for the coming generations?
What will the new economic system be like?
How will medicine evolve?
How would sexuality and relations be like?
How can we live in harmony?

and many more questions are to be asked...

If you feel the ecstatic current of life force aroused through you when you envision the dawning of our new civilization, please join us, you matter.

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About - Wild Love Celebration - Iceland

As we shift into a new current of living on this evolutionary year 2020 we open up this summer at Solsetrið with a Wild Love Celebration. Internationally there will be Wild Love events originating from the same core, many taking place in it around this unique Solstice, eclipse & galactic alignment.

Together we intend to weave a significant ecstatic promotion for Love. Certainly, it can be said that ´All we need is Love´ this fabric of the universe that guides us towards the remembrance of our original nature, that core place of harmony, joy, compassion, prosperity, heartfelt wisdom and even enlightenment. To be wild is to be authentic to that self, to be true to that undomesticated self. Wild is synergy, synchronicity and deep surrender into its highest nature.

Our invitation is for there to be a platform for gatherings throughout 3 days that embrace this part of us, sing to these aspects, play with this inside a sacred place. All the family can find a calling throughout each day to step out of regular time and come into a field of playful discovery and much joy.

The many workshops will offer creativity, relaxation, wisdom, earthing, awakening, dancing, meditating, music, movies and ceremonies. Fires will be lit inside and out, sweat lodge, saunas and waters will nurture our bodies and the winds will surely support us with their cleansing ways. In total, we wish to offer the awakening community a wide range of experiences that bring you to the Dawn of the New Civilisation.

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Workshop Leaders

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Here we are !

Former farm Skrauthólar is home to Sólsetrið, a centre for workshops, retreats, ceremonies, drum circles, vision quests, movement/sound medicine and more. See a map.

Public Transit

Bus 57 to stop 'Klébergsskóli'. From there it's a 15 minute walk.

There will be a shuttle from Reykjavik to Sólsetrið.
More information will come.

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