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Þórhildur Magnúsdóttir, Iceland - Short interview 
Thorhildur (Sora) is a mystical wisdom keeper and practical guide. As a tantric relationship mentor and coach her passion is to guide and inspire individuals to take true sovereignty of their love life and create the relationship of their dreams.
Unafraid to use her own story authentically to ignite courage and compassion she will show you who you are by showing you who she is.
Engineer, yoga teacher, mother, polyamorous wife and wild lover.


Sovereign and Wild Relationships

Discover your Sovereign and Wild relationship style and what steps are next on your path. All the freedom in the world is useless without the knowledge of where you want to go, the wisdom to guide you and the courage to take the next step. Join Thorhildur in a moment of storytelling, personal wisdom sharing and inner landscape guidance to find your authentic path in Love and Relationships.

Yoga for Better Sex

This workshop explores the connection between yoga practice and sex. You will learn in which ways yoga can help you enhance the connection of your body, mind and soul and how it will translate into you experiencing better sex.

Yoga is good for everything and in this workshop we will explore several ways you can focus a yoga practice to enhance your sex life. You will learn how some key yoga poses are beneficial for your body for sex, what muscles need to be strong and flexible and in general how yoga pose principles can help in any sex position to increase ease and enjoyment. State of mind, self-knowledge, mindfulness and breathing also play a pivotal role and we practice how to increase awareness of these areas for a more present and enjoyable practice - both for yoga and sex!

Private Sessions
Thorhildur offers private sessions at the festival, welcome to book directly with her.


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