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Radhika Sophie Shiloh, Israel
A Tantra practitioner and teacher. Teaches conscious sexuality. I have been studying and teaching for more than a decade. In my training, I have a degree in special education, an instructor in for tantra therapy, further training and training in the following subjects: Tantric body de-armouring, somatic work, tantra arts, education for healthy sexuality, work with the pelvic floor and more... I have already accompanied hundreds of women along the way, Men and couples back to listening to the body, to intimacy, to connection, and to a healthy and conscious sexuality, in personal meetings at the clinic, workshops, conferences and festivals in Israel and around the world.
In addition, I am a certified teacher of tantra yoga and traditional tantra, and in my spare time I am also a photographer.

Tantric Kink

Explore your body in a new playful &exciting way!
You are invited with a partner and some curiosity to discover the space where BDSM and Tantra meets.

Private Sessions
Radhika offers private session, welcome to book directly with her.


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