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Lilia Zaks Sokol, Israel - short interview with Lilia
Lilia is a Therapist and master instructor in the fields of Tantra, Theta healing, aromatherapy, and couples therapy. Lilia has undergone extensive and deep learning and personal spiritual transformation. She has been working for over a decade with a varied toolset from Shamanism, Theta Healing, and Tantra. Her focus on energetic sexuality inspires authentic living and connection with desire, freedom, and the higher self.

Private Sessions

Lingam massage is a fascinating experience. 

A sensual, healing and relaxing process that connects body, mind, heart and soul…

A deep journey that teaches listening to the body and communication through a created space of intimacy and love. The session includes also body massage stimulating/opening of the Kundalini energy. Learning tantric breathing and body movement, and using our voice to release emotions and energies stuck in the body to increase sexual energy flowing to the heart chakra… a multi-orgasmic experience.

Yoni massage is a type of sensual healing massage that aims to help women feel more comfortable about themselves by exploring and developing their relationship with their body and soul. Yoni massage is one of many tantric practices.

I invite you to an experiential and Sensual Couple's Workshop.

Intended for couples who wish to deepen their relationship. And bring it to new spiritual heights and deep intimacy.

You will learn how to bring presence, feel your body, and see your partners from a curious, loving and non-prejudiced point of view.

With the help of simple tools you will discover the power of your masculine and feminine essence. This will give you pleasure, healing and connection that you have never known before.

You will also discover the spiritual meaning of pleasure that will open you up on a personal level.


WhatsApp +972546579737

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