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Katarina & Karol

Katarina & Karól, Austria & Iceland

Katarina (they/them) is a witch and a bodywork therapist, healer, sexological bodyworker in education and yogateacher and the founder of Reykjavik Ropes and Spektrum Reykjavik and their partner Karól (she/her) a long time rope practitioner and student of psychology and Tantra yoga.

They are both switches, which means they both love to tie and be tied.

They love to give forward to others who want to expand their spectrum of how we can experience human interaction on an emotional/energetical and physical level.

They have a deep interest in tying/Japanese rope bondage and it´s emotional aspects like the energy and power exchange that comes with it.

“I believe that tying can be experienced on many different levels and in many different ways and involves understanding and feeling yourself and your partner to get a deeper bond. I and my partner are looking forward to giving you a glimpse into this world that lies there for you to discover it´s depths.”

Rope for connection and intimacy
A short workshop to learn safe, fun and easily doable tying for deeper connection and intimacy with your partner!

Learn to tie your partner in a slow and deep meditative way to foster connection and intimacy, focusing on the sensations, sounds, smells and all other senses to learn to listen, observe and really be in the moment with your tying partner.

What we will show and explore:

- Safety aspects
- Rope handling and techniques
without losing connection and attention to your partner
- Single column tie
- Counter tensions
- Different ways of tying
- Tips and tricks to enhance the physical experience of rope
- The importance of (non verbal)communication in ropes and how to practice it
- How to be present as a Top and as a Bottom

You can come as an absolute beginner but it is recommended to have done a 101 workshop or know some basics, best to have some tying experience or at least have knowledge about rope bondage safety: negotiation, consent, nerve damage and other physical risks of tying the body as we will only very briefly go over those topics.

Looking forward to explore this deep practice together!

Private Sessions

Welcome to book private sessions - directly with Katarina.

Private Rope Lessons
Individual lessons 1 on 1 or together with a tying partner.


Tying with rope can be done and experienced on many different levels and depths

and will always depend on your own preferences and intentions in that moment

as well as the partner you are tying with.


How deep you are willing to go into this form of communication and learn more about it.


We can focus on technical things/ties as well as the depth of touch and non-verbal communication with ropes, power exchange, desires and resistance.

Private Rope Sessions

What do you want to experience?

It´s like a deep journey through your body, mind and soul.


In a private session we can set individual focus on YOUR experience in rope by negotiating, trying things out at your pace and simply surrendering to the experience.


Do you want to feel surrender, struggle, caring gentleness, pain, resistance ...?

Feeling your body, heart and soul and playing with your desires and darkness through feeling your body as deeply as possibly is our goal.


About me and my work:

Contact me to book:

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