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Joy Mittens, United Kingdom

I Push Buttons in those who are Ready for Transformation - With Love

I am a shamanic priestess leading people gently on deep, heart-centred journeys with the medicine of their own bodies, emotions, and sexual energy to discover their unique essence and expression of the divine. I have trained extensively over the last 6 years with the mystery schools of ISTA and Highden, as well as Bodywork Training with Budhi Dana and The Field Facilitator training with Rachel Rickards, amongst other things in a life of travelling and exploring the depths of human consciousness.

Shiva is a shamanic facilitator, he has a background working with plant medicines and has trained with Joy and with the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA) He is passionate about working with life force energy and holding space for transformation.

Boundaries 101 - Women

The basic skills required to keep you safe in the world of intimacy, yet completely overlooked in any useful way in our education system. Feeling where your authentic embodied boundaries are, and how to stand up for them. Boundaries are how we carve out a space in the world for our souls to flower.

Primal Innocence

Shed your shame and journey with your shadows. Connect to your Primal instincts of the hunter and the hunted. Discover the divine ecstatic innocence at the heart of your primal nature.


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