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Tinna & Jacob

Jacob & Tinna, Iceland

Jacob & Tinna have been teaching workshops together since they met in the romantic city of Montreal. Ever since then they have taken their passion for movement, communication and trust building to facilitate various events globally. With a background of yoga, movement, dance, handstands, massage & energy work they have a vision to build trust between strangers, confidence in people's abilities and intimacy through communication.
Through their methods of teaching they strive to bring adults back to their roots of childlike curiosity and play as a way of learning and exploring their physical body and their relationship with others. In their workshops you are sure to laugh, be challenged and learn something new.


Acro Yoga Fun

We will practice fun partner counterbalances, warmups, games and L-basing. We will cover verbal and non-verbal communication skills to work through a dynamic set of movements together. This is a beginner to intermediate class. No partner necessary, come as you are!

Acro Yoga is a mix of yoga and acrobatics where two or more people work together doing different exercises, shapes or stretches. Sometimes it is like a dance or a flow or can be more relaxing like stretches or massage. Great way to strenghten the body and soul and enhance our ability to communicate and listen to ourselves and others.


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