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Gregor Schlitt, Switzerland

When I set out on "the path" many years ago, I soon realized that this also included an intensive examination of my role as a man. Numerous men's seminars in Switzerland and Germany allowed me to take important steps in my development and made me the man I am today: well-positioned in my vocation as a men's coach, in a relationship with a wonderful woman and a happy family man.
Working with men is especially important to me. For years I have led men's groups and organized evenings and weekend seminars. Seeing how men can grow beyond themselves and show their potential is my motivation.
Tactical energy work, shamanism and archetypes are my specialties.
I am already looking forward to bringing you as a man to the next level.


Feel the Masculine Energy Raising

The workshop will offer a journey through different levels of masculine energy.
- Very short talk / input
- Heart opening
- Making energetic contact to each other
- Building up trust among the group of men
- Raising the energy
- Group energy dynamics
- Sharing the experience


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