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Franziska Di Luca, Switzerland

Personal development has been her great passion for many years. She embraces life in all its richness. Supporting people uncover their inner strength and vitality brings her immense satisfaction. She senses a strong urge to impart the wisdom she has gathered over time, hoping that other women too can find empowerment and embrace their bodies with joy.

Her journey experienced notable growth through her deep dive into tantra, spirituality and yoga. She resonates with the humanistic psychology's perspective on human nature.

Raising your Shakti Energy

Join us for an empowering workshop designed to elevate your Shakti energy and foster sisterhood bonds. Discover the depths of your inner vitality as we embark on a journey together. Through various practices and exercises, you'll awaken the potent force of Shakti within you, igniting a profound sense of empowerment and connection. This workshop offers a unique opportunity to experience the power of sisterhood, as we come together to support, uplift, and celebrate each other's growth. Don't miss this transformative experience to raise your Shakti energy and strengthen the bonds of sisterhood.


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