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Franziska & Gregor

Franziska Di Luca & Gregor Schlitt, Switzerland

Franziska and Gregor have been involved with tantric and shamanic philosophy for years. They participated together in numerous workshops and trainings around the world. They have been offering seminars themselves for the last five years. One of their specialties is bodywork in body-temperatured water.
It is their pleasure to create spaces where participants can have important experiences for their path. The goal for the participants is to improve their quality of life.

Flights to Ecstasy

This workshop has the potential to awaken your dormant kundalini snake which is coiled up at the base of your spine. Once this energy is set free, we are going to distribute it within the whole body and make use of it to experience the "Flights of Ecstasy". We also specifically open the heart chakra, before sending the participants to their flights.
The exercise is done with partners round and back. It is one of our favourite practices and we've held it several times with lots of happy participants.


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