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Astrid Hübner, Switzerland - Short interview
— We dearmour the planet by just being us

Moving with life is my commitment to myself through the process of shedding protective layers to reveal my vibrant, authentic self that lies beneath. For me, the idea is that everything in the universe is made up of energy, and by tapping into this energy, you can transform your life in incredible ways. Integrate what you/I think (IQ) with what you/I feel (EQ) and understand the language of your/my body (SQ). Inner (Somatic) Presence is a foundation for being adventurously alive—

Michael Beaton-Brown, England
Evolve or Repeat


As a Dearmouring Practitioner, Advanced Bodyworker & Shadow worker Michael promotes increasing the quality of people´s lives through transformative and humanistic therapy. He helps people to evolve, and connects to them personally.

Both support their clients individually and as a couple in Deep Core Private Dearmouring sessions and retreats, which are tailor-made.


Deep Core: LIVE Dearmouring Session
Deep Core is more than personal growth. It's incredibly transformative, liberating yourself from your limitations, and becoming a lantern in a world longing for genuine authenticity. Dearmouring is a profound process, that deeply influences and transforms all areas of our lives: physical, emotional, mental, energetic, and spiritual. Dearmouring is a co-creational somatic, sensory process in which all power returns to the client—a meeting in a profound, intimate, trusting and, loving, caring, respectful way. The shift happens when the body is ready to surrender fully. And the ego-mind lets an undeserving piece die. Unconditional love is the essence in which we meet.

In this LIVE Session, Michael & Astrid will demonstrate the beauty of Dearmouring and the endless possibilities to empower oneself. We start with a short explanation, followed by just witnessing the process unfolding in front of you. You are precisely welcome as you are. Comfy clothes, a bottle of water, nudity & sexual-energy friendly space.

Private Sessions 

Astrid & Michael offer private sessions before, during, or after the festival. Welcome to book directly with Astrid. or whatsup: +4179845231, or with Michael whatsup: +447827338889

Sexual Healing / Dearmouring / Tantric Dearmouring

Sexual Healing / Dearmouring allows us to soften our inner energetic armor and release ourselves from unresolved pain and past emotions stuck in our energetic pain body. Our life energy is released, and our full potential unfolds, guided by our essence and inner authority.

A co-creational holistic experience, a mix of sensory bodywork, energy work on an emotional, mental, and spiritual level, trauma, and healing in the sexual area, supported by touch, energy, sound, breath, and language.


Healing the Body and Mind through Conscious Bodywork

Conscious Bodywork weaves Breathwork, Sound & Touch together. Both giver and receiver remain gently present and all that is happening inside themselves. The giver uses a variety of touches, such as neutral “listening” touches, shaking and rocking, dynamic or held deep pressures, stretches, breath touches, strokes, and more. The receiver can enjoy the touches while being encouraged to attend to the effects on their whole self: On the connections through the whole system, the breath, the physical sensory experience, the flow of energy throughout the body, and the increasing presence and stillness.


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